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Summer Safety for Seniors Safety for Seniors

Simple safety measures as the seasons shift always seem like a small thing to think about. However, if these safety measures are followed and thought about more often, more lives of seniors could be saved. Did you know that out of the 12,000 people that die from heat-related injuries that 80% of them are over […]

The Dangers of Dehydration in the Fall Months

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When it comes to proper hydration in people, most believe that we should be concerned with the summer months when temperatures can spike to over 100 degrees. The risks of dehydration are particularly high for infants and seniors. Each year there are warnings from several resources encouraging people to stay hydrated during the summer to […]

Tips for avoiding heat exhaustion and how to know if you have it

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It’s summertime, so we all know what that means: extreme heat. While living in Florida has its perks like year-round warm weather and beautiful beaches, the downside is the high temperatures that come with it. Seeing 100+ degrees on our car dashboard is nothing unusual for us Floridians but even though we have lived through […]

What is Early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease?

Most people think of Alzheimer’s disease as a medical condition that is seen only in older people. In most cases it is. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the greatest threats to our seniors. For that reason, OurSeniors.NET is especially concerned with helping find memory care living facilities, senior assisted living and quality in-home […]

Dehydration and Seniors

Seniors are subject to a number of special medical problems, one of them being unrecognized dehydration. Dehydration in seniors can sometimes go undiagnosed because the frequent causes of dehydration seen in younger people (excessive physical activity, sweating in hot weather, etc.) are not usually present in seniors; even trained medical personnel can miss the diagnosis. […]