Best Ways to Lose Weight After 50


exerciseAmerica is obsessed with weight loss trends and being skinny. There have been so many fad diets in the past decades it would be hard to keep track of them all! The pressure to be thin is overwhelming, and the older an adult is, the harder it can be. However, losing weight is possible without a crazy diet and expensive gym equipment. All you need is a little prep and dedication.
Tips and tricks for weight loss after 50:

  • Eat leaner protein (helps keep you fuller longer and even reverse muscle loss)
  • Lift weights (strength training aids in weight loss)
  • Drink water (hydration aids weight loss and keeps the body young)
  • Limit added sugars and processed food
  • Workout with a community of friends (to keep you motivated and on track)
  • Move around more (take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to a coffee shop)
  • Try intermittent fasting (check with your primary care physician first)
  • Prioritize your sleep (without proper sleep you will not lose weight)
  • Do something active that is fun (e.g. dancing, swimming, birdwatching)

Companies will try their hardest to sell you products for weight loss, but all you need is some evidence-based tips like ones above to get you started on your journey. Losing weight is simple; all you have to do is burn more than you consume. Stay dedicated, and your weight loss journey will be a success!
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