Boomers’ Independent Lifestyles Inspire Proliferation of New Products and Services

senior lifestyleThe trend for Seniors to “Stay in Place” brings with it a proliferation of products and services directed specifically to aging Boomers. Boomers who prefer to maintain an independent lifestyle as long as possible, choose to remain in their homes or relocate to retirement or 55+ communities. A direct result of this trend is a niche market that has not gone unnoticed by savvy business professionals. New service providers join established providers as they tailor, or re-purpose, their products to meet the needs of these Seniors.
Companies that manufacture products specifically for this senior market are easily found on the Internet. Gardening tools and lawn mowers, vehicle driving aids, and even LED faucet lights are among the diverse group of products that can be found on the Internet, and that are specifically designed for senior use. For example: A search for “kitchen tools for senior citizens” renders sources for products that include easy to use kitchen utensils, grasping and gripping aids, and low vision aids. Similarly, a search for “eating utensils for Parkinson’s patients” renders sources for products designed for Seniors with hand tremors and arm mobility difficulties.
When using the Internet, Seniors should keep in mind that anyone can create a website to sell a product. Personal information or credit details should never be entered on a site that offers deals too good to be true, or appears suspicious in any way. To err on the side of caution, it would be better to purchase a product through popular, well-known websites like, than through a website that appears suspect.
In addition to products designed specifically to make life easier for Seniors, there are service providers who also have the same goal. Along with medical, legal and financial professionals who have long offered services tailored to the needs of Seniors, a diversity of additional services is also available.

  • For Seniors who no longer drive, willingly or not, there is a great need for reliable transportation. Uber drivers or taxis can become an alternative mode of transport. Related alternatives include errand services, and the many grocery stores and fast food establishments that offer home delivery.
  • Pets are fast becoming favored Senior companions and housemates, and there are services to help Seniors keep their pets healthy. Pet services include walking, sitting and grooming. Pet strollers are an option for Seniors who want to give their smaller pets fresh-air time, and who appreciate the opportunity to use a stroller as an assist while walking.
  • Seniors who opt to stay in place in their own homes and are ready to ‘share the maintenance load’ by engaging outside help, can well appreciate the availability of services for house maintenance, lawn and garden care, snow shoveling, and roofing issues. Many of these service providers offer special pricing. Whenever it’s not obvious that Seniors are afforded a discount, it’s best to ask if such a discount is available.
  • For years, many restaurants have offered ‘early bird specials’ that appeal to Seniors who are attracted by the early dinner hour, as well as by the lower pricing. Seniors can also enjoy the benefits of discounts offered by some movie theatres, hotels, auto rental agencies, and retail establishments. It may be surprising to learn that a great many retail and food companies do provide discounting for Seniors. So, ‘asking before buying’ is a good rule of thumb.

As senior services proliferate, there is a critical need for Seniors to become smarter consumers to avoid being the target of deceptive business practices. Seniors have become prime targets of unscrupulous salespeople and scam artists. These people may be local providers, or they may sell door to door, by telephone or through the mail. It’s important that Seniors take measures to learn how to avoid deceptive business practices. Both the Federal Trade Commission and the National Fraud Information Center offer information on recognizing fraudulent practices.
An important means of protection afforded Seniors in Florida is finding vetted service providers on OurSeniors.NET. Vetted service providers are carefully screened before being added to the Approved Vendor Program. They offer a diversity of services ranging from Auto Services & Repair, to Financial Management. OurSeniors.NET’s Senior Transition Pro Team, a network of talented and knowledgeable professionals from many fields, is also an excellent resource available to Seniors. These professionals provide dependable, unbiased and professional advice to assist Seniors with senior living matters. Detailed information on each Pro Team member explains their unique talents and services.
OurSeniors.NET is a comprehensive resource directory devoted to helping Seniors make the transition to a safe and rewarding senior lifestyle. Our mission includes providing comprehensive, accurate, and trustworthy information to help Seniors find vetted providers of products and services, including those that are specifically offered to meet the needs of Boomers enjoying an independent lifestyle.

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