What Is Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer'sMost people think of Alzheimer’s disease as a medical condition that is seen only in older people. In most cases it is. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the greatest threats to our seniors. For that reason, OurSeniors.NET is especially concerned with helping find memory care living facilities, senior assisted living and quality in-home senior care for our seniors.
Our mission is to be a senior directory, an all-things-senior resource for our readers and friends, and Alzheimer’s is one of the major challenges that seniors face. However, seniors are not entirely alone in confronting this disease. Up to 5% of all Alzheimer’s sufferers have what is known as “Early-Onset Alzheimer’s.” Physicians define this condition as any Alzheimer’s that manifests itself before the age of 65. It generally shows up in a person aged 40 to 50, but cases in people as young as 30 have been seen.
The diagnosis is missed sometimes because medical personnel are just not looking for it. The symptoms can be mistaken for those of stress or even drug abuse. It affects each person in a different way. There is some evidence that early-onset Alzheimer’s is a genetic disease, but the cause is poorly understood. In any case, “familial Alzheimer’s disease,” is rare.
There are some medications that may help alleviate the symptoms of early-onset Alzheimer’s. These drugs may reduce or delay symptoms such as memory loss; other medications like sleep aids, tranquilizers or antidepressants may be helpful in dealing with other problems.
The problems faced by victims of early-onset Alzheimer’s can be similar to those of older patients. In some ways, younger people may be less prepared to deal with Alzheimer’s than their older counterparts. Typically, they may have made fewer legal, financial and personal preparations than their parents. If they reside in the Sunshine State, they should get the advice of a Florida attorney, a Florida CPA or even a senior real estate specialist.
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