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Seniors Home and Living offers a warm and supportive environment where older adults can enjoy their golden years with comfort and companionship. Our community prioritizes the well-being, independence, and happiness of seniors, providing personalized care, engaging activities, and a peaceful atmosphere to call home.

Five tips for home organization this spring

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If you’re like most people, you appreciate an organized home. With everything else going on, we tend to let household organization get to the point where it becomes somebody else’s problem and the junk drawer becomes invisible to the naked eye.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to take care of itself. Not to mention the number of […]

Being a Long Distance Grandparent: How to Navigate It - Seniors Having Tea

There was a survey that AARP conducted in 2019 about families and distance and do you know what that survey revealed? It revealed that at least half of families in America deal with distances of 200 miles or more between grandparents and a grandchild. That means long distance is quite the norm with kids starting […]

A great option for short term care

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Being a caregiver can be hard.  In fact, we all burn out at some point and will need a break.  When a primary caregiver needs a break, respite care can provide short-term relief.  Respite care is basically time off so that the primary caregivers can get away from their responsibilities for physical and emotional relief.  […]

Cooking every day can be complicated, meal delivery services are not

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One of the biggest challenges faced by many seniors is the task of daily meal preparation. It is not uncommon to find a senior who has resorted to eating breakfast cereal or some other very basic food at every meal. Planning, shopping for, storing and preparing a balanced meal can be a complicated task, even […]

How to Phase-In Healthy Visits with Relatives and Friends

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In the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a lot of conflicting information that created a lot of confusion about safety. Many people know about the benefits of spending time outdoors, but there was a sudden urgency from warnings suggesting that people should stay indoors for safety. As the months passed, we learned […]