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Are You Close or Ready to Retire? Is the Economy Affecting Your Decision?

Ideal Retirement Plan

Most Americans have felt the impact the current recession has had on their wallets. They noticed it at grocery stores and gas stations, and not only has inflation affected the cost of consumer goods in the short term but it will also impact the way people plan for the future. People who are close to […]

What Does the Ideal Retirement Plan Entail?

Ideal Retirement Plan

The ideal retirement plan is something that everyone is striving for. It’s a plan where we can retire without worrying about money and live our golden years however we prefer but without any financial stress. At least 28% of those aged between 18 and 29 have some amount of retirement savings and feel like they […]

What to do if you do not want to retire yet

Senior Working

Start Your Own Business and Earn Extra Income Doing What You Enjoy One issue that many seniors come across is wondering whether or not they really want to retire. Figuring out if retirement is the right step for you can sometimes be daunting but the important thing to note is that, just because you retire, […]

If You Are Having Trouble with the Economy, Check Out BMG Money

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If You Are Having Trouble with the Economy, Check Out BMG Money The dedicated staff at OurSeniors.Net understands the stress that many people in our senior and retiree communities are experiencing due to the current economy. The difficulties people face paying expected and unexpected bills can put a strain on people and affect them emotionally, […]