FAL Senior Transition Pro Team Welcomes Mr. John R. Dickinson, CPA.

FAL Senior Transition Pro Team

The FAL Senior Transition Pro Team is striving to make this July 4th an ‘Independence Day for Seniors’, for their families and for their loved ones. The Senior Transition Pro Team is dedicated to making every person’s transition to a senior lifestyle the best one possible, the right one for them!

Americans now live longer than ever before, staying healthy and independent for many additional years. Still, a time comes when remaining “home instead” is no longer the best choice. Decisions made now will affect health and happiness for many years to come. If the house is simply too much to keep up but the senior is otherwise healthy, a 55+ community or senior apartment may be a wise choice. However, for many an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility or a nursing home may be necessary. The range of needs, requirements and options is wide and confusing.

Few people are prepared or qualified to make these choices alone. That is why the Senior Transition Pro Team exists.  It is a web; an association of highly qualified, independent professionals who can give expert advice on subjects ranging from legal and tax planning to medical problems to special personal situations such as divorce and retirement. Senior Transition Pro Team members will always strive to give the most complete, up-to-date, unbiased and best-for-the senior advice available.

John R. Dickinson, CPA
John R. Dickinson, CPA

As a person moves from mid-life to a senior lifestyle, this assistance is critical to their future happiness and well-being. Each member of the Pro Team is an expert in his or her field, able to answer the specialized questions that are certain to arise. Nothing could be more important to a successful senior lifestyle transition than expert tax and accounting guidance. For that reason, the Senior Transition Pro Team is extremely proud to welcome Mr. John R. Dickinson, CPA.
Mr. Dickinson has over 27 years of experience in the field of public accounting, providing service to individuals as well as businesses and non-profit organizations. Since 2001, he has practiced in DeLand, Florida. He is uniquely prepared to answer questions relating to the financial and tax aspects of retirement and senior lifestyle transition. Will your Social Security benefits be taxable? If you sell your home and move to an assisted living facility, will the sale proceeds be taxed? How can you minimize the taxes due on transactions such as stock or mutual fund sales? An error in any one of these matters could make a huge difference in the senior’s future finances.

Mr. Dickinson can help make certain that senior life transition choices are made in the best possible way. He has years of experience in helping clients to prepare for and enter retirement. Besides his service to individuals, John has been a great asset to his church and to the community at large. He has served as the Chairman of the DeLand Family YMCA Board of Directors, as Treasurer of the Neighborhood Center, a 501 c3 organization, as Finance Committee Chairman of DeLand’s First Presbyterian Church and as a director of the Hugh Ash Manor, a tax exempt nonprofit organization.

The FindingAssistedLiving.com Senior Transition Pro Team is blessed to have his guidance and executive experience.  Each member of the FAL Senior Transition Pro Team is ready and qualified to give factual, accurate and unbiased answers to your senior lifestyle transition questions. They are all professionals with expert knowledge in diverse fields, ready to help you or your loved one make a successful transition to many happy years of senior living.

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