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It’s time to have that difficult conversation with your older parents

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| Written by Laurie Taylor | I moved away from my parents’ home before I turned 18 years old. Whenever I would go back to visit, my mom would tell me “All our important papers are in that file cabinet.” I would nod but I never walked over to that file cabinet and opened the […]

Make A Living Will!

Last will and testament

You have probably heard the pious sounding advice that “everyone should have a living will.” In this case, the pious advice is absolutely correct! If any group of people is in a position to know the truth of this, it is emergency room physicians. They are on the front line in dealing with the unforeseen […]

The FAL Senior Transition Pro Team can help with any aspect of senior life transition

Finding Assisted Living is very proud of its Senior Transition Pro Team, a network of professionals from many fields, able to help with any aspect of senior life transition. Take a look at the entire team to see what they can do to make the move to a senior lifestyle safe, secure and satisfying. Just […]

FAL welcomes Bill Navarra, Realty Pro Assured to the FAL ProTeam

Finding Assisted Living is happy to announce the association of Mr. Bill Navarra, the Broker/Owner of Realty Pros Assured, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the Daytona Beach area as part of the FAL ProTeam. Bill Navarra and his team of over 150 real estate professionals specialize in the Ormond Beach and […]

Meditation and Weight Loss

When most people think of losing weight, exercise and diet are the first things that come to mind. At first thought, you might dismiss the idea of losing weight through meditation. Unlike walking or other exercises, meditation does not use much energy and cannot contribute directly to the calorie deficit you must achieve to burn […]

Prenuptial / Premarital Agreements

You have met a wonderful person later in life, and you fall in love. While talking about your exciting life together, you or maybe even your loved one mentions a prenuptial or premarital agreement. The realities of your financial situation weigh on your mind. You own many valuable assets – assets you would like to […]

FAL Newsletter for September is out!

Check out our latest FAL Newsletter featuring “Wendy Mara joins the FAL Senior Transition Pro Team” and “Music and Alzheimer’s Patients.”