Welcomes the Addition of a Highly Qualified Senior Placement Advisor

Finding Assisted Living and announce the addition of a highly qualified professional in the field of senior life transitions. In South Florida, the area including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines and West Palm Beach, Ms. Cynthia Fiammetta-Lopez brings her talent and extensive experience in dealing with senior transition questions, concerns and challenges.

Cynthia Fiammetta-Lopez has successfully completed the State of Florida approved Professional Guardianship Program. Her long experience in the field of geriatrics has made her acutely aware of the many concerns and problems facing seniors and their families when moving to a senior lifestyle. As a Geriatric Case Manager, Cynthia partners with other professionals in South Florida to locate the best medical, social and spiritual care environments for seniors who choose to move to an assisted living or other away-from-home setting.

For those who are able and desire to stay home instead of entering any type of assisted living facility, Cynthia helps to provide the best possible in-home care services. In each individual case, Cynthia works to provide the senior and their family with the full, dignified, most independent life possible. Her experience working with the City of Coral Springs Police Department’s Community Involvement Unit assisting the elderly has given her greater awareness of the problems of seniors. As a certified Healthcare Supervisor who has worked with many types of senior care, Cynthia can answer all of your questions and guide you to the best solution.

Like all the professionals in the Finding Assisted Living family, Cynthia Fiammetta-Lopez are dedicated to making every person’s transition to assisted living or other senior lifestyle as satisfying and fulfilling as possible. exists to provide solutions to the many problems involved in the move to senior living and a senior lifestyle. Very few people are able to deal with all of these challenges alone. If you or a senior loved one need help, please contact Finding Assisted Living at

FAL Seal of ApprovalWhen consumers make decisions about senior lifestyles or senior life transitions, they must have confidence in the quality and reliability of the business, facility or professional provider they choose. The FAL Approved Vendor Program is designed to give the consumer assurance that they are making the right choice. FAL Approved Vendors have been vetted to meet the highest standards of professional competence, business quality and service excellence. The services they provide range from operating an assisted living facility to providing professional services in medicine, law, real estate or accounting. The business may be involved in filling any of the many needs common to seniors and senior life transition. When you see the FAL Seal of Approval, you may have confidence that you will receive the very best in business or professional service.

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