Happy Birthday to America and OurSeniors.net

OurSeniors.net LogoToday is America’s 241st birthday! It is time to celebrate the most successful nation in history and be thankful for the blessings of freedom and liberty.  This is also a good time to reflect on the qualities of our Founding Fathers. Most people would call them determined, courageous and patriotic, but they had another very important quality: they were willing to try something new, to break the mold of old thinking. This is also a similar philosophy for FindingAssistedLiving.com and OurSeniors.net, which, as the result of the merger, they celebrate their first year and announce the launch of OurSeniors.net Magazine for Volusia and Flagler counties.

OurSeniors.net Resource Directory

OurSeniors.net is now completing its transition from the old persona of “Finding Assisted Living” and FindingAssistedLiving.com. OurSeniors.net will become a resource directory available both on-line and as a full-sized, printed magazine published quarterly and distributed free. OurSeniors.net is the resource directory you can depend on for accurate, timely and unbiased information and guidance. This resource is designed to meet the needs of seniors themselves and those of the family, friends and caregivers who love and care for them.

At the same time, OurSeniors.net offers businesses, professional practices and service providers an opportunity to target and effectively reach many thousands of potential clients or customers. OurSeniors.net is devoted to providing the best and most complete information available on the many senior-life options available today. Whether it’s the senior or a loved-one seeking this information, OurSeniors.net will provide knowledgeable, unbiased help and guidance in both printed and on-line formats.

The need for this information and guidance, already large, is growing rapidly. This is especially true in the state of Florida where the percentage of residents who are aged 65 or older is greater than any other state. Today, almost one in five Florida residents are in that demographic, and most of Florida’s population gain in the coming years will be growth in the numbers of senior residents. These seniors and their families will have need of both general and specialized products and services in areas like real estate, medical care, legal practice, financial management, home health care and many others. OurSeniors.net will be a broad-based directory, enabling seniors to locate the services and products they need while providing businesses, professional practices and service providers an opportunity to reach this valuable market.

OurSenior.net’s transition brings with it valuable assets like the Senior Transition Pro Team and the ‘Seal-of-Approval’ Directory of trusted businesses and service providers. The OurSeniors.net Senior Transition Pro Team is a network of talented, experienced and knowledgeable professionals in many fields. These specialists are eager to provide dependable, unbiased advice in areas ranging from law, medicine, accounting and tax planning, investing and portfolio management, to complex personal situations that involve retirement and divorce.

OurSeniors.net ‘Seal-of-Approval’ Directory

The OurSeniors.net ‘Seal-of-Approval’ Directory contains vetted and reliable information on how to find trusted providers of assisted living facilities, in-home care services, home health agencies, senior placement professionals and specialists in medicine, law, accounting, tax practice and many other fields. All of these professionals and businesses have special sensitivity and talent for serving the senior market. That market is important, large and growing quickly; in Volusia and Flagler counties, the average household income of seniors aged 65 and over is second only to the 45-64 age group.

Volusia & Flagler Fall 2017 Edition

OURSENIORS.NET gives you up to date information in its senior living magazine.
Volusia & Flagler Fall 2017 Edition

The OurSeniors.net website (https://ourseniors.net/) and the office professionals at OurSeniors.net are already up and running. The OurSeniors.net printed publication will be coming to a location near you soon! The Volusia and Flagler editions are planned to launch on October 1, 2017. This will be a high-quality printed magazine format that contains a library of resources aimed specifically at seniors and their loved ones. In addition to a comprehensive directory of professionals, businesses and service providers aimed at the senior market, OurSeniors.net Magazine will feature informative articles on subjects of interest to seniors. Topics like, “Exercise and Aging”,  “The Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes”, and other useful, informative content will make OurSeniors.net Magazine a valued resource for residents of Volusia and Flagler counties.

OurSeniors.net has an important mission. We strive to make the senior lifestyle transition as safe, secure and satisfying as possible for all seniors and for their loved ones as well. A full, all-inclusive approach to meeting this challenge is what we offer. As a full-service directory of senior services and senior-oriented professionals and businesses, we seek to help seniors in finding housing, legal services, medical and healthcare professionals, real estate professionals and a wide range of other needed services and products. The OurSeniors.net website and OurSeniors.net Magazine will provide informative and educational content that will make both the website and the printed magazine a sought-after resource that is consulted in a wide variety of situations.

OurSeniors.net Magazine

At the same time, OurSeniors.net and OurSeniors.net Magazine offer an effective, targeted way for businesses and professionals to reach the senior market. The first issue of OurSeniors.net Magazine will cover Volusia and Flagler counties, an area with an estimated senior population of almost 150,000 people in 2016, a population that will grow faster than any other demographic.  This gives businesses, professional practices and service providers an outstanding way to reach this large and growing audience with specific messages. Stay tuned for more information coming as the launch of OurSeniors.net Magazine for Broward and Palm Beach will soon be here.
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