Pascua Florida Day: Do You know the Story? Florida Day: Do You the Story?

Did you know that we’re right around the corner of Florida’s state day? It’s called Pascua Florida Day and as a Floridian, you may or may not know the story behind this day and as April approaches, it might be a good time to hear the story if you haven’t already. The first Sunday of April is usually the day that this time of recognition falls on but it could fluctuate based on what day April 2nd actually is. 

While this day of recognition is a state holiday, the discovery of the state of Florida isn’t always known. To find out more, we’re going to talk about Pascua Day, what it is, and what it means.

What Is Pascua Day?

Pascua Florida Day, also known as Florida’s state day, is held on April 2 each year. This day commemorates the arrival of Spanish explorer and conquistador, Juan Ponce de León, when he quite literally stumbled upon Florida in the 15th century. The name of this annual day of commemoration translates from Spanish as “flowery festival” or “feast of flowers.”

It is believed that de León had been exploring the area in search of the fabled “Fountain of Youth. ” The island, Bimini…an island actually in the Bahamas was where this explorer wanted to end up which led to his voyage along the Florida coast in 1513. The legend went that if someone drank from this fountain, they would be restored to a youthful state. 

We all know the story behind the fountain of youth but what was interesting is that Ponce de León thought that the island where he arrived was where he hoped to reach from his original plan so, he decided to later return in 1521 to the island that he found in an attempt to colonize it. However, on his way back to the island, he was killed soon after he arrived in his colonization attempt.

Although the “Fountain of Youth” may have been a myth, it serves as a reminder of the spirit of exploration and discovery of Florida.

How Can You Recognize the Day on Your Own?

The explorer saw the wildflowers that covered the grounds of what we now know as Florida and he called it, “La Florida”. During the time of Florida’s discovery, it was also during the celebration of Easter in Spain and this observation is where its name derived from “Pascua de Florida”. Knowing this, there are a variety of ways that you could remember Florida’s discovery in your own way. 

One of the best ways to celebrate Pascua Florida Day is to learn about the explorer’s journey to Florida and to learn more about the state’s history. To start, you can use the resources you have around you whether online, at a state museum, or visiting your local library. 

If you’re a senior in Florida, you could take recognition of the concept and go out and explore something new whether that be a new area of Florida, trying a new restaurant, or supporting a local business. Florida has a lot to offer and getting out to explore nature and the state’s various attractions is a great way to better understand how Florida has evolved and changed over time. From beaches and forests to lakes and amusement parks, Florida has something for everyone and could be enjoyed with friends and family as well. 

Consider supporting a local business or farmer’s market and seek out wildflowers to put around your home signifying the first thing that was noticed about the place that we now know as the sunshine state. Taking the time to ponder and learn more about Florida, could lead you to more than you might have known about where you call home. 

Learning More About Where You Live

Pascua Florida Day signifies exploration and the discovery of where you are. There is also what’s known as “Pascua Florida week” and both children and adults may often be dismissed from work or school during the holiday in many cases. On this day, learning more about Florida’s history is always encouraged. This includes learning about the past and doing more in the present. To learn more about Pascua Day, there are a variety of resources that seniors can use and no matter how you decide to celebrate the discovery of Florida, you’re bound to learn something new.

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