Spring Edition 2023 Is Officially Here!

Featuring Pat Boone

Hi There OurSeniors Vendors, Readers, Subscribers, and Donors

It’s easy to get caught in the motions of your day but it pays off to take a moment and appreciate the things around you. For example, Spring has arrived and we often associate this with better consistency of good weather, more time outdoors, and more hosting for the family but did you know that Spring is also good for your health despite what we commonly know about spring allergies? 


Springtime is often the start of the year when outdoor activities begin to spike again and this improves both our mental and physical health. From giving us a natural boost of Vitamin D to helping with lowering our blood pressure, it’s the simplest of things that can make us healthier and happier. 


Even something simple like reading your favorite seniors magazine, doing activities with friends and family, or sharing a good cause with everyone you know are all good examples of taking advantage of the simple things.


We’re Hot off the Presses

Who doesn’t love a good read and being able to hold what they’re reading right in their hands? Well, the OurSeniors magazine, in its printed version will be available this week. What’s even better is that now, you will be able to access the Spanish version of the magazine if you wish and you won’t be short of content. From fun puzzles to help you plan out your spring and summer, to beneficial information about estate planning, superfoods to improve brain health, and learning more about health and wellness, the spring edition has a lot to offer. Don’t take our word for it though, make sure you get your printed copy this week.


Don’t Forget That Online Availability for the Magazine Is Live!

If you prefer digital over print, or you just want to access the OurSeniors magazine right away, you can view the English and Spanish versions of the magazine online, anytime. The online version features the same information with easy viewing and page-turning. You will also have the opportunity to add our upcoming events to your calendar on your smart devices, view inspirational material, and check out our featured “Amazing Senior” profiles.


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Spring Is a Time for Raising Funds and Increasing Recognition

Did you know that at least 1 in every 10 older adults in the U.S. age 60 or older have experienced some form of abuse or mistreatment? Aside from neglect, there is the concern for helping seniors to maintain their day-to-day life in any way that they wish, having a support system when they need it, or just a friend when the time calls for it. The OurSeniors team are advocates for the seniors in our communities. From the resources we offer and with the help of those that support our initiatives, we make it more possible for older adults to have access to a variety of programs that can help them to increase safety and confidence, maintain their independence, and lead healthier and more active lives. 

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Contributions to this cause are invaluable, as they are essential to making a difference in the lives of seniors who may otherwise not receive the support they need. Our goal has not been reached just yet but we know we can get there with the help and support of those that enjoy protecting “Our Seniors” as much as we do. To learn more, check out the fundraisers we are currently having.


What keeps OurSeniors running and accessible to the community are those that make up the community…you. Whether you’re a donor, vendor, subscriber, reader, or all of the above, everything that you do for us, you are doing for the seniors that came before us and that made our communities what they are. For that, we want to always extend a thank you.

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