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Founded five years ago, was started out of inspiration from a retired nurse that visited nursing homes and spoke words from the Bible to provide comfort to those living there. The team got involved by gathering gifts, blankets, jackets, stuffed animals and cookies to make them feel cared for. This has continued for many years and this past Christmas, the team took over 200 blankets and gifts along with over 500 cookies made by our friend and featured Amazing Senior, Barbara Andersen.
Less than 5 percent of all nursing homes, rehabs and assisted living facilities are able to receive visitors, which can be difficult for seniors that wish to interact with their families or friends. While facilities try their best to care for residents, they are not able to spend all their time on any one person at a time. This leaves room for feelings of abandonment and resentfulness. tries to change this by visiting seniors in facilities and stepping in to improve their well-being.
If you want to get involved with, visit our website or call us at 800-647-0868.