Seniors and Pets

Halifax Humane SocietyBecause strives to be an all-things senior directory, we are very pleased to support the Halifax Humane Society, especially its pet adoption services. Adopting a pet can be especially beneficial for seniors. At a time that might be lonely for many people, a pet can make a senior feel needed, more secure and fully engaged with life. Pet ownership encourages seniors to exercise, to get out and to socialize with others. Many medical and psychological studies have shown the special benefits of pet ownership to seniors.
Like pet owners in general, senior pet owners experience less depression and loneliness, sometimes because of the affection, attention and companionship that their animals provide. Having a dog or cat can also create opportunities to socialize and can ease the pain that accompanies the loss of others. A pet lives very much in the present, not worrying about the past or future, and that feeling can rub off on the pet owner.
Pets benefit not only their owners, but also other residents at senior assisted living facilities. The presence of an animal can draw people out, helping them to become more active and social. For that reason, the professionals at many senior assisted living facilities, such as Grace Manor of Port Orange, encourage pet therapy and family pet visits.
Like almost everything in life, pet ownership for seniors has some limitations. Before getting a new pet, a senior or their well-meaning loved one should do a little thinking.  A large, powerful dog may not be at all suited to you or to your senior mom or dad. Likewise, a very young and active puppy could be more than you or your loved one can handle or care for. Chasing a pet, animals who are constantly underfoot, jumping dogs and falling while walking an animal can all be hazards for seniors.
Animal shelters like the Halifax Humane Society facility will usually have a wide range of animals available for adoption, many that are well suited to seniors’ needs.  The adoption fees are minimal compared to the cost of buying a pet shop or breeder supplied animal and you are doing a good deed as well.  If you live in the Volusia-Flagler area, the annual Halifax Humane Society “Mutt Strut” will be on April 28th of this year. The Mutt Strut is an annual 5K Fun Run/Walk-a-thon held on the World’s Most Famous Beach in which dogs are invited to join in the festivities. The event offers the chance to get some exercise, meet others and help a worthy cause. Besides, it is the only day of the year when dogs are allowed on Daytona Beach! works hard to help seniors and their families enjoy life, as well as to meet the everyday needs of those seniors. The “Mutt Strut” is a great example of the “Sunny Side for Seniors” that we like to promote! Please use all of our resources to locate dependable and trustworthy professional help when searching for a Florida attorney, a Florida CPA or tax professional, a senior real estate specialist, a senior assisted living facility or other senior friendly services. Approved VendorsYou can contact an Advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us. Check out our website at and take an online look at our senior living magazine, Magazine.
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