Spring 2024 – Ask Dr. Q

Senior Online Magazine Ask Dr. Q Spring 2024

“Ask Dr. Q.” gives OurSeniors readers a chance to get expert answers to specific senior-related health questions. Dr. Steven Quaning is Medical Director and Chief Physician at Metro Health, a network of medical practices dedicated to senior care. He is Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine, medical care specifically aimed at seniors.

In our “Ask Dr. Q” feature, readers have an opportunity to get answers to specific senior medical questions. Here are some examples-

Q? I have been diagnosed with diabetes. How will this affect my future health?

Answer- Diabetes is a condition that affects how the body uses glucose, a type of sugar. This causes high levels of blood sugar, which can damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels. If diabetes is properly managed and controlled, its impact on your overall health can be minimized. To maintain control, it is important to monitor blood sugar levels, follow a healthy diet and exercise plan, and take the medications prescribed by your doctor. Uncontrolled diabetes may contribute to heart disease, loss of vision, nerve damage, foot problems, and other serious conditions.

Diabetes is one of the common conditions affecting people of all ages, but especially seniors. Older patients are most likely to suffer from conditions like heart disease that can be made worse when the patient is diabetic. This is why it is so very important for seniors to follow the treatment plan laid out by their physician. Doctors will do all they can to help, but patient (and family) involvement is essential. Stick to the treatment plan your doctor has prescribed.

Q? Is there a simple blood test to detect potential signs of Alzheimer’s?

Answer- Yes. The test looks for a protein in the blood. It was up to 97% accurate, and the researchers found about 20% of people in the study would need follow-up testing to confirm whether they had conclusive signs of Alzheimer’s. MetroHealth has partnered with K2 Medical Research to provide access to this simple test. K2 Medical Research is now available at the MetroHealth of Holly Hill location, Monday – Thursday from 10am to 3pm. The address is 1852 Ridgewood Ave Holly Hill FL 32117. Please call us at (407) 500-5252 to schedule a test.

Q? I have travel limitations because I am at a facility can MetroHealth come and see me?

Answer- MetroHealth believes that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, no matter where they live. Our new initiative, MetroHealth Mobile Clinic, is bringing 1:1 PCP visits, x-rays, and lab services to community locations. This Mobile Clinic will continue to make primary care services accessible to our members, bringing healthcare services directly to your neighborhood.


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