What Is A Qualified Charitable Donation?

Charitable Donation

Tax season usually presents the biggest challenges seniors and retirees face each year. It’s the perfect time for scammers and fraudulent organizations to milk hard-earned earnings from our communities by pretending to be something they are anything but. There are hundreds of charitable organizations throughout the state of Florida that are above board and need your help. Here is a little background about qualified charitable distributions you can make to enrich the lives of others.

What Is a Qualified Charitable Donation?

A qualified charitable donation (QCD) is a cash gift made to a verified nonprofit organization that helps it accomplish its goals and initiatives. The donor receives nothing of monetary value in return but can deduct these donations from his or her federal tax return. QCDs are a great way of funneling federal cash payments to worthy causes donators believe in.

Seniors and retirees living in Florida who have utilized QCDs to support nonprofits are at the forefront of helping their communities. Financially savvy, educated seniors and retirees understand how to work tax laws so that they save money and make contributions that improve their quality of life. Individuals must be 70 ½ years of age or older and can donate up to $100,000 to one or more charities.

Supporting OurSeniors.org is the Smart Choice

Educated seniors and retirees who make QCDs are smart to choose OurSeniors.Org as their beneficiary. Its mission is to be the leading resource for helping seniors and retirees meet their unique needs, to be their single source for information, professionals, and service providers for personal assistance through its website and print magazine.

To better serve the unique needs of seniors and retirees in different regions throughout Florida, we have divided the wider area into smaller service areas fully recognizing that the interests of concerns of the state’s citizens are different. Customized versions of the OurSeniors.Org quarterly magazine cater to Northeast Florida, Central Florida, South Florida, The Villages, Tampa Bay, and Southwest Florida. Bilingual editions as well as separate Spanish and English versions of the print magazine are also available in select regions, and we plan on expanding in the future.

Before making any financial decisions, you should speak with a trusted financial adviser. This will ensure that your information and nest egg are kept safe. OurSeniors.Org number one priority is to introduce services to help seniors living in Florida enjoy their golden years. As a reputable 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving the senior and retiree communities throughout Florida, we encourage you to consider helping us in our efforts to bring entertaining and informative content that benefits our communities.

Each quarter, we strive to meet fundraising goals to expand our service coverage. As tax season approaches, we hope you will consider giving a qualified charitable donation by visiting www.ourseniors.org/donate or by calling us at 386-267-6898. We ask that our senior and retiree communities in Florida donate generously but appreciate anything you can donate during this tax season and for years to come. Remember “Give while you Live”.