What to do if you do not want to retire yet

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Start Your Own Business and Earn Extra Income Doing What You Enjoy

One issue that many seniors come across is wondering whether or not they really want to retire. Figuring out if retirement is the right step for you can sometimes be daunting but the important thing to note is that, just because you retire, doesn’t mean you have to stop working. Not if you don’t want to. Combatting boredom or the need for consistency can be trying but it doesn’t have to be.

Starting a business during your retirement can offer great ways to secure the type of income that you want, pad more of your savings, and can give you the freedom to live your life exactly how you desire. It’s also a great way to learn new skills for yourself or to create new opportunities for others.

A few potential reasons that you should consider starting a business after you retire could be to use the skills from previous experiences to start a new path for yourself, you could monetize a hobby, establish a new financial direction, and even shine a light on a new passion. Retiring does not have to mean retiring from everything.

It is fairly easy to start a business and earn extra income that could support a trip around the world, purchasing a new golf cart, or maybe that boat that you have been looking at for the past three years. If you are interested in defining a new way of financial freedom, personal development, or uncovering new talents, then keep reading to find out just how to start the planning process to do exactly that.

Why Start Your Own Business?

It’s a fact that people over the age of 50 are more successful entrepreneurs. After the age of 50, you are often at a point where you are more established as a professional and have a specific set of skills or expertise in a certain field that you have been in for years. This is the advantage that older individuals have over younger and middle-aged individuals.

There are multiple advantages that seniors have over others when it comes to starting their own business because they have already developed a social standing or have figured out what does and does not work for them. The natural drive associated with starting a business is more attainable at an older age especially when tailored down to specific professions or skills that require years of experience to be taken seriously.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to start your own business, there are ample opportunities to supplement your retirement by extending your professional standing. Whether it’s the desire not to retire or if you just want a change from the corporate world or the rat race itself, starting your own business could be the answer to the lifestyle that you want especially during your golden years.

What Could You Do?

What you could do to start your own business is solely up to you. You know your passion best, your drive, your expertise, and overall, what you would want to do while asking someone to pay you for it. Whether you want to chase a lifelong dream, monetize a hobby, or branch out on your own and do what you have been doing for 20 years there’s always a plan that can be put in place to start the process of going into work for yourself. if you are at a complete loss about what you would like to do when starting your own business, you may benefit from sitting down and having a brainstorming session.

Ask yourself; what you like to do, what services or specific goods are needed within your community or even online and what potential business ideas could benefit actual people within your community? Here are a few business ideas to get you thinking:

  • Gardening and lawn care services
  • Content marketing or writing
  • House or pet sitting services
  • Handyman or mechanical services
  • Baked goods or eatery

To give you a little more insight or assistance on how to jumpstart the process, try to think of something that is not only needed but something that you will enjoy doing yourself. When starting a business, you want to make sure that you are not only going into business for financial reasons or job security but you want to ensure that you are thinking of your happiness, productivity, and your overall will to do what you are promising through your services or goods that you are offering.

Evaluate your skills and your finances, determine what is needed for you to get started, and assess your overall happiness with the ideas that you come up with before you start to implement them.

What Would You Need?

What you would need to get started with your business depends on the type of business model that you decide on. Determine whether or not you are going to have a physical product and want more of an in-person presence or if you are going to adopt an e-commerce model. Depending on what you choose, will depend on what is needed for you to hit the ground running in the right direction.

Follow the tips below to get started with launching your own business after you retire or right now even if you are not already retired.

  • Compare your idea and potential business plan to real-world needs
  • Assess your skills in the direction that you want to take your business
  • Talk to other seniors that have businesses of their own
  • Determine how much time you can dedicate to your business and potential clients
  • Figure out the finances that may be involved with starting up if any
  • Utilize people from your professional life if you need assistance 
  • Take legal action before you start implementing your plan
  • Start slow and assess your progress over time
  • Put a continuation plan in place

If you follow these steps you will alleviate the stress that many people feel in the beginning phases of starting a business.

What Are The Benefits That Seniors Get From Starting A Business?

There are a few challenges that seniors face not only inside society but when it to comes to early or forced retirement or retirement in general without the afterthought of a plan. A few of those challenges are ageism or a loss of purpose, financial insecurity, coping with lifestyle changes, and physical as well as mental health. Many of these issues can be handled by finding a new sense of purpose, throwing yourself into something new, becoming active, and becoming productive.

Many people also do not realize that chronic boredom is an actual condition. Seniors are more likely to experience this condition after they retire if they did not have a plan before doing so. Those that experience chronic boredom are more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke as well as a decline in mental and physical health.

Starting your own business is a strategic and productive way to combat those issues and can offer multiple health benefits

Don’t underestimate the significant changes in health and lifestyle that starting your own business during retirement can have on an individual. Doing so will often present a senior with a healthy work and life balance through retirement, a better sense of relaxation and stability, less stress from external factors such as financial worry and can even improve your overall mental health.

Take The Plunge

If you’re thinking about starting your own business whether you want to pursue a lifelong passion or expand on your current or previous career the health benefits are undeniable. Starting a business is not for everyone so it is important to understand what the type of business that you want to start may entail or require of you.

Remember to keep your happiness and overall drive in mind when making business decisions and never underestimate the health and wellness factors that are present in becoming your own boss.


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