Why Seniors Need a Senior Real Estate Specialist

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Real EstateOurSeniors.net is devoted to serving the needs of seniors in every way possible. One of the most important of those needs is real estate services. Critical choices about transitioning into senior life often involve real estate questions. Many of these questions must be answered by the seniors themselves. Only they can answer queries like, “Should we stay in the 4 bedroom house we have had for years?” or “Maybe we should move to Florida.”
Many seniors want to remain in their family homes and millions of others have moved very happily to Florida. Only the seniors or the senior couple can make those basic decisions for themselves. But after that decision is made, it is time to get some highly-qualified and specialized help. Buying or selling real estate can be a difficult experience for anyone, but seniors face some situations that younger people do not.
A senior real estate specialist can not only customize the marketing of a senior’s current home, they can also steer the senior to new housing options. An experienced realtor or sales agent who is a true senior real estate specialist knows that seniors may have to overcome a big emotional barrier when deciding to move or sell. Besides being a major financial asset, their current home can have deep sentimental value.  This can make establishing a fair market value, negotiating the sale and closing, packing, “downsizing” and moving all the more difficult. During the period a home is on the market, showing and staging the residence may present special problems for seniors.
The senior home seller should also be aware of the “hidden” issues involved in a real estate transaction. These can involve things like:

  • Possible taxes on the capital gains proceeds, especially if you do not purchase a new home.
  • Current and new real estate taxes – are any real estate tax benefits going to be lost or gained by changing residences?
  • How does this sale relate to your overall financial health?
  • Should you consider a reverse mortgage?
  • Does the senior qualify for any financial assistance programs? Which ones?

When seniors purchase real estate, many of the same considerations, plus some others, may apply. Have you thought about the type of new home you are looking for? Do you want one of the many fine retirement communities in Florida, a 55+ community in Florida or possibly an active senior community? In some cases, seniors may require special amenities like wheel chair access, mobility aides or other features that younger buyers would not think about.

Barbara Andersen
Barbara Andersen

Ourseniors.net, its Senior Transition Pro Team and the OurSeniors.net Seniors Directory can all be valuable aides to help you find the professional and specialized help you need to complete a senior-friendly real estate transaction. Senior Pro Team member, Barbara Andersen, has the professional talent and experience needed to help with every aspect of a real estate transaction. Like all members of the Pro Team, Barbara has demonstrated a very special sensitivity and concern for senior needs. In fact, Barbara is a distinguished senior herself, and you can see her on the cover of this spring’s edition of   OurSeniors.net Magazine. Look inside and you will see that Barbara is the “Outstanding Senior” for the OurSeniors.net Magazine spring edition.
Other members of the Senior Transition Pro Team include specialists in elder law like Wendy Mara and Robert Abraham or experts in tax law like Andrew Grant, all highly qualified to help seniors or their families navigate the ins and outs of real estate, tax and estate planning problems. Real estate and planning for estate matters are just two of the important challenges OurSeniors.net helps to meet. Please use all of our resources when you are searching for –

  • Senior Home Care or Senior Assisted Living
  • Retirement Communities in Florida or Active Senior Communities
  • A Florida attorney, Florida CPA or a Senior Real Estate Specialist
  • Assisted living in Florida or Memory Care Living

You can contact an OurSeniors.net Advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us. Check out our website at OurSeniors.net and take an online look at our senior living magazine, OurSeniors.net Magazine.
Have a great day and good luck with that home!

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