welcomes Alarm Service Company as an Approved Vendor for Security and Surveillance

Alarm Service Company

Finding Assisted Living and try to fill the entire range of needs encountered as you or your loved one make the passage to a senior lifestyle. One of the most common concerns that seniors in all home environments have is for their personal security and safety. If you are looking for an assisted living facility, senior apartment or retirement village, you should insist on an adequate and monitored security system.

Alarm Service CompanyBut what about the older person who wants to remain in their own home instead of an alternative senior living option? Security is a real concern for everyone, but particularly for senior loved ones who may be living alone or have physical needs that make them especially vulnerable.  A quality alarm system, monitored 24 hours a day can give you or your loved one a feeling of secure confidence.

Finding Assisted Living (FAL) is proud to announce that Alarm Service Company of Florida, Inc. is now an FAL Approved Vendor. The FAL Approved Seal means that Finding Assisted Living has found that the company or service has shown itself to have the professional knowledge and skill needed to meet the requirements of those making the transition to a senior lifestyle.

For over 20 years, Alarm Security Company has been protecting Florida homes and businesses. Alarm Security understands that each home is unique and needs a security system that is tailored to fit the exact conditions of the environment. It may be a small, limited access condo or a large, free standing home with many possible entrances, but Alarm Security can design, install, maintain and monitor a security system that does just what the name implies: it makes them secure.

Finding Assisted Living welcomes Alarm Service Company of Florida, Inc. as a FAL Approved Vendor Seal holder!

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