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It’s time to have that difficult conversation with your older parents

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| Written by Laurie Taylor | I moved away from my parents’ home before I turned 18 years old. Whenever I would go back to visit, my mom would tell me “All our important papers are in that file cabinet.” I would nod but I never walked over to that file cabinet and opened the […]

It’s Hurricane Season in Florida

Do you have a relative, friend or a spouse living in an Adult Living Facility in Florida? If that’s the case, it is important to stay in touch with them especially if its an active hurricane season. Keep in mind that the facilities must have a contingency plan for emergencies, such as hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, […]

The Finding Assisted Living August Newsletter is Available

FindingAssistedLiving Newsletter

The Finding Assisted Living newsletter for August 2016is now available. You can find it on the sidebar or click here. Be sure to subscribe to have it delivered directly to your inbox.

Password Security

Do you have passwords that can be easily hacked by someone who knows a little about you? If you use a sports team name like ‘Yankees’ or a hobby-related term such as ‘surfermike’, anyone who looks through your Facebook profile might have a clue that would make you vulnerable. Do you use the same password […]

Adult Care Home and Assisted Living Facility Fraud and Abuse

Most operators of assisted living facilities and ‘Adult Care Homes’ are honest professionals who work hard providing high quality care for their residents. They often face difficulties in finding qualified help, dealing with the bureaucracies of government and private insurance companies and observing the many laws and official guidelines that necessarily regulate this industry. Unfortunately, […]

The Challenges of Living Independently After Retiring

Everyone wants to remain as independent as possible after retiring. The ability to live independently depends on a number of factors, and there is a great range of abilities to meet these challenges. Some people seem to age well for years, even decades after retiring while others encounter difficulties quickly. The passage of time cannot […]

Is A 55+ Community Right for You?

The popularity of 55+ communities has grown dramatically over the past few years along with America’s senior population. If you are considering a move to one of the many forms of 55+ communities available, you should investigate carefully. This is a major senior lifestyle decision and must be made carefully. Perhaps the first thing you […]

Army and Navy come together to launch FindingAssistedLiving.com

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – June 25, 2016 – Army and Navy come together to celebrate 4th of July and launch FindingAssistedLiving.com Only in America can you celebrate the 4th of July and have the Army and the Navy come together to launch www.FindingAssistedLiving.com. Kevin S. Dulany served 20 years in the United States Navy as […]

FindingAssistedLiving.com welcomes Alarm Service Company as an Approved Vendor for Security and Surveillance

Alarm Service Company

Finding Assisted Living and FindingAssistedLiving.com try to fill the entire range of needs encountered as you or your loved one make the passage to a senior lifestyle. One of the most common concerns that seniors in all home environments have is for their personal security and safety. If you are looking for an assisted living […]