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Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Beyond Intellectual Knowledge Have you ever experienced a miraculous encounter that ignited a fire within you? For me, it was the moment when the Lord touched my life fifty-five years ago. As I celebrate this milestone, I’ve been reflecting on the miraculous journey that brought me here. It wasn’t just that initial encounter; it was […]

What to Do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered to Do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered

| Written by Andrew and Jamie Wommack | Most of us have the idea that if God wills something to happen, it happens instantly without being influenced by time, distance, or resistance. But is that what the Bible teaches?  God’s Word is His will. When we ask anything according to Scripture, we can rest assured […]

The History of Friday’s History of Friday’s

If you’re a senior that loves a good weekend adventure, you might find yourself looking forward to Fridays. Even if you’ve decided to retire, chances are, some of your family members that you like visiting or going away with may still operate on a traditional work schedule. What that means is that, sometimes, you might […]

Lessons from Joseph from Joseph

| Written by Andrew and Jamie Wommack | One of the ways God shaped my life was by showing me that I didn’t have to go out and experience everything on my own.  Learn by Example Through Scripture, I’ve learned from both the trials and the triumphs of others. The reason I never went into […]

If You Are In Central Florida Don’t Miss This Free Event!

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|By Andrew Wommack| Does winter have you longing for sunshine, palm trees, and warm breezes? Then join us for the 2023 (Central Florida) Orlando Gospel Truth Conference this February 9-11 in sunny Florida! As you discover your identity in Christ, you’ll begin to experience the love of the Father and a truly transformed life. Andrew […]