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Amazing Senior: Juan Armando Montes

juan armando montes

There aren’t many Americans who can say they have jumped out of airplanes to fight for America’s freedom. Not only that, but to have served in the Army for almost 30 years, fought in combat as a Ranger and went from being a private to retiring as a full-bird Colonel. A true hero, Col. Juan […]

Gospel singer sees youth flocking to Christianity

Garrett Hornbuckle

| Originally published in the Fall 2020 edition of Magazine | On our magazine cover, we have Garrett Hornbuckle, his wife Danielle and daughter Ella Grace, because they are an inspiration that we should look to for hope for our next generation. When he was younger, Garrett grew up in a broken home, not […]

Amazing Senior: Tom Yarbrough

tom yarbrough

Tom Yarbrough is not exactly your typical 85-year-old retiree. Tom still enjoys riding his classic Ducati motorcycle, a sleek machine that comes all the way from Bologna, Italy. When asked if he was still an active rider, Tom seemed amused by the question and replied, “I’m still young enough to ride!” Born 85 years ago […]

Amazing Senior: Mirta Ramos

Mirta Ramos Family

| Originally published in the Spring 2020 Edition of Magazine | Mirta Ramos has experienced love, pain, fear, separation and a reunion. She grew up as an only child in Havana, a vibrant city filled with culture, music, nightlife and tight-knit neighborhoods, one that went from a democracy to communism in her lifetime. Her […]

Amazing Seniors: Jerry and Esther Krueger

Jerry & Esther

Stories from veterans are some of our favorites at, as each story is unique from others and all experiences are one of a kind. That’s why our Amazing Senior for this issue is Jerome (Jerry) Krueger, along with his wife Esther Krueger. They have been married for 72 years and moved to Daytona Beach […]

How spirituality can help with living out our purpose

Bishop E.W. Jackson

While we’ve seen many tragedies happen this past year and the world becomes increasingly chaotic, it’s important for us to keep our eye on our purpose. We may not know it, but our actions are important. We need to think about our time here on earth and what can be done to make it a […]

One of our Amazing Seniors upgraded her life with OurSeniors Team


Loyal reader and previously featured Amazing Senior, Barbara Andersen was in a difficult place in her life earlier this year. After falling three times within one year, she knew she had to make a change. Her two dogs that she loves very much were holding her back from upgrading her life because she didn’t want […]