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Overview: The category of senior scams awareness pertains to the identification, prevention, and education surrounding fraudulent schemes and deceptive practices specifically targeting older adults and senior citizens. As a vulnerable demographic, seniors are often targeted by scammers who exploit their trust, lack of familiarity with technology, and desire for financial security. This category aims to raise awareness about these scams, equip seniors with information to recognize and resist them, and provide resources for reporting and seeking help.

In conclusion, the senior scams awareness category aims to protect older adults from falling victim to deceptive practices by promoting education, vigilance, and community support. By equipping seniors with knowledge about common scams and fostering an environment of open communication, society can collectively work towards minimizing the impact of these fraudulent activities on the senior population.

Seniors Beware of Holiday Scams

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Did you know that seniors are the population group most likely to be “scammed?” According to the Federal Trade Commission, American consumers were scammed out of 8.8 billion dollars in 2022. Seniors lost the most money compared to other age groups. Seniors are often targeted by scammer criminals for several reasons; they are thought to […]

Ways Savvy Seniors Are Avoiding Online Pharmacy Scams


By PharmacyChecker Canadian and other international online pharmacies can help you (and have already helped millions of Americans) save a lot of money. How much are we talking here? Often, folks who compare prices on end up paying a whopping 90% less than what they might pay at their local Walgreens or Walmart. With […]

Make Sure You Don’t Fall for Any of These Scams

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Seniors are frequent targets for unscrupulous “scam artists.” Scammers know that older people are likely to be more trusting and gracious than younger adults, and they are more likely to have assets like cash savings, real estate or good credit. In 2019, the Special Committee on Aging of the U.S. Senate estimated that American seniors […]

How to stay safe from COVID-19 scammers


Seniors stay vigilant; criminals are taking advantage of our community. While the world bands together to stop the spread of COVID-19, swindlers are profiting from the pandemic. Scammers are using fear to exploit worried families by promising them cures for the virus. There is no need to panic, but just like everything else, being informed […]