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Heads Up- Traditional Banks Are Going Away!

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You have probably noticed that there are fewer and fewer bank branches. In fact, between 2017 and 2021, over 4,400 bank branches shut down permanently. At the height of the pandemic, many more were temporarily closed or offered only limited services. At some branches, it was necessary to make a special appointment to access a […]

Key tips for ensuring your passwords are secure

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The advice sometimes seems pious and boring – “Practice Password Security” or “Use Strong Passwords.” It is hard to go for long browsing the internet without seeing some form of this advice. The reason is simple: lost, stolen or hacked passwords are the cause of misery ranging from false postings on sites like Facebook to […]

Don’t put out a welcome mat for home burglars and robbers

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Have you ever said or overheard someone say while in a public place, “The kids gave me a TV for my birthday,” or “I just got a great deal on a laptop computer?” Do you hide a house key under the back-door mat or leave your doors unlocked during the day? If so, you are […]