OurSeniors.org organization announces the launch of Operation Support OurSeniors.org

Operation Support OurSeniors.org Slider

Operation Support OurSeniors.org is a fundraising campaign intended to help defray the costs associated with the many valuable services these organizations provide. OurSeniors.org is a 501 C (3) charitable organization and has been providing those services without charge for years. These benefits have been an invaluable aid to seniors and their families.

For years, OurSeniors has produced and distributed its printed and online publication, OurSeniors.Net Magazine, free of charge to readers and viewers. Senior readers have found inspiration, entertainment, and helpful practical information in the pages of this fine quarterly publication. Founder and President Julian G. Cantillo states, “OurSeniors mission is and will continue to be to serve OurSeniors, family, friends and caretakers.”

OurSeniors Lunch and Learn Event series has provided seniors with an opportunity to acquire useful and practical knowledge while socializing with peers. Along with the OurSeniors visitation program, it is an important part of the services provided to seniors. OurSeniors volunteers visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities in a continuing effort to prevent the feelings of isolation that can damage the physical and mental health of seniors.

One of OurSeniors’ most important activities is the maintenance of its association of vetted businesses and professional service providers. These individuals or organizations agree to adhere to a strict set of standards in dealing with seniors. They provide not only products, but also professional services like legal and medical practice. All these Approved Vendors agree to the OurSeniors Code of Ethics, insuring honest and fair dealings with seniors.

The FREE services provided include newsletters, podcasts, special discounts for readers. The bottom line is that the OurSeniors organization is a 501 C (3) whose purpose is to serve the needs of seniors in any way possible. Because of the increasing costs of providing these services, OurSeniors will not be able to continue free services without outside help.

Operation Support Our Seniors is a fund-raising event intended to preserve those free services to seniors. Seniors are the fastest growing demographic in the United States, and they face unmet needs and social challenges. OurSeniors.org is a charitable organization that steps in and fills the gap between seniors’ needs and their resources. Of course, contributions to Operation Support Our Seniors are tax deductible.  All proceeds go to ensuring that OurSeniors publications and resources are free to the seniors who need them.

That is why we make this appeal. Patrons can help keep OurSeniors a viable, useful and free service to the senior community! Please help us continue this mission. Of course, donations made to 501 C (3) organizations like OurSeniors are tax deductible for the donors. So, give while you live! Go to this website  https://www.ourseniors.org/donate/  or call us at 386-267-6898 to help us help seniors!