The Importance of Medicare & How to Secure Its Future

Medicare Card

Medicare CardFew subjects get the attention of seniors the way that Medicare does. Along with Social Security, Medicare forms the basis of financial and personal security for many (or most) seniors. Most seniors and the American public in general have kept up its long-standing support for both programs. A Pew Research center report issued in 2017 found that 94% of Democrats and 85% of Republicans favored maintaining or increasing spending for Medicare. On Social Security, 86% of Republicans and 95% of Democrats said they would keep the current level or increase it.
Still, there have been hints of some groups trying to alter, diminish or even eliminate one or both of these programs. In 2005, the Bush Administration outlined “a major initiative to reform Social Security,” including plans to partially privatize it. The financial crash of 2008-2009 ended this idea, but not permanently. is not Republican or Democrat, it is simply for OurSeniors! A part of our core mission is to keep seniors informed about this vital subject.
There is something you can do to help insure the future of both Medicare and Social Security. The 2018 elections are only months away; Florida’s primary elections are on August 28 and the general election is on November 6, 2018. Every citizen in Florida is represented in Congress by one member of the House and two United States senators. This year, every seat in the House of Representatives and one of Florida’s U.S. Senators will be elected or reelected. It is critical to the future of Social Security and Medicare that seniors’ voices be heard, and heard loudly.

  • Register to vote if you have not done so already. If your address has changed since the 2016 election, make certain that you are properly registered at your current address.
  • Know your two U.S. Senators, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson.
  • Know your Member in the House of Representatives. Listed below are some of the House members likely to be your representative. If you are not in the 4th, 6th or 8th Districts, go to Find Your Representative and enter your zip code.

Florida’s senators and representatives are all heavily dependent on senior voters for election or reelection. Make your opinion about Medicare and Social Security known to them. Voter registration for both the primary and general elections closes 29 days before that election (on July 30 and October 9th). Please be certain that you are registered and well informed about the issues that affect seniors so directly.
No matter what your political preference, Republican, Democrat or Independent, is dedicated to keeping you informed about the issues that affect seniors. Medicare and Social Security are two of our main concerns, so keep reading for knowledgeable, helpful information and advice. It is our aim to be a go-to source for information about all-things-senior, including-

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  • A Florida Attorney or Florida Attorney Search
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