’s Senior Placement Advisors can help you through Florida

Miami, Palm Beach, Daytona Beach just to name a few cities. is here to help you all over the State of Florida with Senior Placement Advisors on site. Finding Assisted Living is proud to have a stellar senior placement advisor on our team: Cynthia Fiammetta-Lopez. Cynthia Fiammetta-Lopez is very experienced in the field of […]

Exercise and Aging

You may be under the impression that exercise is less beneficial in old age than it was in your youth. This is wrong!  In fact, the opposite is most often true: as you age, regular exercise is more important than ever. A recent study, combining results from Sweden and the United States, found that exercise […]

Finding Assisted Living Welcomes Simone Velasquez Hoover, PA

Finding Assisted Living and would like to welcome our newest CPA, Simone Velasquez Hoover, to the team. Ms. Velasquez Hoover has been in the business for over 30 years and you can check out her profile here. has a Video! has a new video on YouTube. Be sure to check it out here.

Password Security

Do you have passwords that can be easily hacked by someone who knows a little about you? If you use a sports team name like ‘Yankees’ or a hobby-related term such as ‘surfermike’, anyone who looks through your Facebook profile might have a clue that would make you vulnerable. Do you use the same password […]