Spring 2024 – Ask Dr. Q

Senior Online Magazine Ask Dr. Q Spring 2024

“Ask Dr. Q.” gives OurSeniors readers a chance to get expert answers to specific senior-related health questions. Dr. Steven Quaning is Medical Director and Chief Physician at Metro Health, a network of medical practices dedicated to senior care. He is Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine, medical care specifically aimed at seniors. In our “Ask Dr. […]

Spring 2024 – Letter to Readers

Senior Online Magazine

To All OurSeniors Readers, Subscribers, Vendors, and Donors, Help Us to Help Seniors Sometimes it is a good idea to remind ourselves of some very basic facts. What are we about? Why do we work and strive so hard? For what purpose? For OurSeniors.org, the answer is simple: OurSeniors is about serving the needs of […]

Amazing Senior, Elizabeth Hertling

Senior Online Magazine Amazing Senior Elizabeth Hertling

Each birthday is a special event, a day to be remembered and celebrated. For Elizabeth Cummings Hertling and those who know her, several recent birthdays have been especially memorable. Two years ago, the city of Orlando sent a delegation of firemen to help her celebrate. The mayor also showed up. After all, turning one hundred […]