Great News for Grace Manor of Port Orange, Florida Residents!

The residents of Grace Manor Assisted Living Facility in Port Orange, Florida, can rest a lot easier tonight. The State of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) has decided not to go ahead with the proposed suspension of the facility’s operating license. This will come as a great relief to the 50+ residents of the Assisted Living Facility, their families and loved ones. If the suspension order had remained in effect, all of the residents would have had to relocate by 5 PM on July 26.

cardiology1-wmThe AHCA is the division of the Florida government that is responsible for licensing and regulating assisted living facilities in the state. Because of an unfortunate series of events, the agency decided that their duty required it to issue an immediate moratorium on new admissions to the facility and to suspend its license to operate effective at 5 PM on July 26, 2016 (See Order here). However, upon further consideration, the suspension order was lifted and replaced by a series of restrictions on the facility’s operation. These restrictions require the facility to make management changes and to institute a series of corrective actions.

The entire text of the order may be viewed here. This informational webpage is part of the website. Click on the text that reads, “Amended Restriction and Moratorium Order” in the “Profile” section.

Finding Assisted Living believes that this action represents a sensible approach from both the AHCA and the facility’s operators. It is important to note that the people most dramatically affected by a sudden closure of Grace Manor would have been the residents of the facility. While the case was being decided, these people had no personal representation in court or before the regulatory authority. Some of these residents may have no local, or any, support network. Certainly, AHCA is exercising its proper role in regulating the operation of assisted living facilities. FAL also assumes that the professional management that operates this facility wants to comply with the regulations that protect assisted living facility residents. Both parties acted conscientiously and protected the residents who depend and call the facility their home.

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Finding Assisted Living and exist to make senior life transitions as easy, safe and satisfying as possible. FAL seeks the best possible solutions for seniors, their families and loved ones. Most often, this involves planning and seeking information or advice about future life transitions. Occasionally, a state of affairs such as the one at Grace Manor might require immediate attention and action. In either case, Finding Assisted Living and is your source of knowledgeable, unbiased information and advice. We always seek to place the interests of the resident, patient or client first!

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