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Exclusive features and content aimed at Florida residents make OurSeniors.Net the best magazine for seniors. This includes our network of carefully vetted senior-friendly vendors and professionals in many fields. There are great offers from these professionals and businesses who have pledged to uphold our high standards. OurSeniors.Net’s Lunch and Learn programs have made in-person professional education available and free! The OurSeniors Radio program extends our reach to broadcast and streaming audiences each week.

The “Amazing Seniors” feature in each magazine brings inspiring stories of seniors who continue to make positive contributions to their communities. Our “Ask Dr. Q” feature brings answers to common medical questions. Our Seniors Magazine and media bring essential information on subjects like Medicare, scam avoidance, tax planning and others. Each edition of the best magazine for seniors contains a resource directory of professional, business, and public resources. There is more, much more. Visit our website at OurSeniors.Net.

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What makes OurSeniors.Net the best magazine for seniors? One of the most important things is expert advice from contributors like attorneys Andrew Grant and Wendy Mara. Mr. Grant is a board-certified tax specialist and an expert in estate planning, wills, and trusts. Ms. Mara is past president of the Volusia County Bar Association and now Chair of the Elder Law Section. Dr. Steven Quaning, MD contributes answers to medical questions posed by readers. Dr Quaning is a senior medicine specialist and medical director of Metro Health, a network of practices devoted to senior health.

Andrew C. Grant, J.D., LL.M., BCS Tax

Wendy A. Mara, J.D., M.B.A

Dr. Stephen Quaning, M.D., CEO MetroHealth, Inc.

Anthony Luizzo, Volunteer for Seniors Vs Crime Program VC

Mr. Anthony J. Luizzo, a past president of the Society of Professional Investigators, adds his expert knowledge in the field of fraud detection and prevention. Protecting OurSeniors from crime and fraud is a top priority. Look into the best magazine for seniors, OurSeniors Magazine, to find these and other informative and inspiring contributions.

Our Local Community Engagement

OurSeniors.Net is not only the best magazine for seniors, but it also has deep roots in the Central Florida senior community. It’s frequent Lunch and Learn events provide an opportunity to socialize as well as to learn from experts in fields like estate planning, fraud prevention, medical information, post-death planning and senior real estate. Each edition of OurSeniors Magazine features an “Amazing Senior” profile about today’s seniors who continue to lead active, productive lives.

Recently, OurSeniors has taken to the air with its weekly live radio show, “OurSeniors Radio.” You can hear it each week on Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM broadcast on WNDB. That is 93.5 FM and 1150 AM. If you miss the show live, you can catch it on the OurSeniors YouTube Channel. Recent broadcasts have addressed senior interest topics like Scam Prevention and Veterans’ Planning.

Seniors Radio Show


Tom Yarbrough

Loved the magazine. Very informative on senior living. The articles are very helpful as I’m in a life changing situation. Julian is great. He has answered so many questions for me. I would recommend this magazine to everyone.

Tom Yarbrough
Heydi Jimenez

Thank you so much for your exceptional service. Julian and team were beyond helpful and compassionate. We appreciate all you did to make this happened, you made my mom super happy and that means a lot to me and my family. Thank you!!!

Heydi Jimenez
ellen brody 150

Our Seniors is a local, informative magazine for seniors looking for a one-stop print resource. There is an online version for the savvy internet users. All featured businesses are senior focused providing a valuable tool when looking for services.

Ellen Brody-Palm
Anthony Ford

An excellent resource for the local senior community, completely professional.

Anthony Ford
Boruch Akbosh

It is about time for someone to take care of our seniors. I am amazed by the value OurSeniors.net Magazine offers and how careful they are screening vendors to work with. Beautiful to see how Julian and his team serve our community with passion and care.

Boruch Akbosh
Bill Randolph

Continually providing valuable information to our seniors!

Bill Randolph

I love OurSeniors and everything they stand for and provide. This is why I subscribe and donate.

Barbara Andersen
ColJuanMontes Testimonial

Not only do I subscribe, but I donate as well!

Col. Juan Armando Montes,

U.S. Army (retired)

Col. Juan Armando Montes
Carol L

Mom is now in the right place! I owe it to OurSeniors, and a man name of Julian Cantillo. Julian should be nominated for sainthood. But if I cannot do that, then the least I can do is let anyone that is in need of help for your Mom, Dad, and/or senior loved ones, Julian of OurSeniors Team is the person to go to.

Richard L., son of Ms. Carol L.
Sam Woods

OurSeniors is a solid website with entertaining and very useful content. If you are a senior (or a family member) living in Florida, this webpage and the magazine can help you find services and professionals who have senior-friendly businesses and practices. Check out the links and read the blog. It is updated often with helpful information. Keep up the good work!

Sam Woods
Brett Porter

OurSeniors and Julian are kind and compassionate and easy to work with. Thankful for this service to our community.

Brett Porter
Dottie McLallen

Knowledgeable articles!
Great local information.
Coupons and specials!

Dottie McLallen

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OurSeniors.Net strives to be the best magazine for seniors, but also to create a sense of connection and community among seniors. Our Lunch and Learn programs bring seniors together for a social gathering as well as an opportunity to learn. Our directories guide seniors and their families to businesses and professionals who understand and empathize with senior experiences.

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In professional advice, inspirational teaching, education, entertainment, and guidance, OurSeniors.Net strives to have a positive impact on Florida seniors. Let us know how we can better serve your senior needs.

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