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How to avoid probate by “operation of law”


| Written by Wendy Mara | One of the goals of estate planning is to help clients avoid estate planning probate. No, everyone does not have to go through probate. And no, contrary to popular belief, a will does not avoid probate. A will is not self-executing; that is, it doesn’t transfer ownership of assets […]

Important documents you should have in place now

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| Written by Laurie Taylor | “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin When I talk to clients about having their Estate Documents in place, I am often dismissed because “we don’t have enough money to worry about.” Estate Documents deal with much more than money. They also state your […]

It’s time to have that difficult conversation with your older parents

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| Written by Laurie Taylor | I moved away from my parents’ home before I turned 18 years old. Whenever I would go back to visit, my mom would tell me “All our important papers are in that file cabinet.” I would nod but I never walked over to that file cabinet and opened the […]

Find or Replace Your Loved One’s Missing Documents

Senior Talking To Her Daughter

If you are the spouse, a family member or loved one who may become a senior’s caretaker, there are several things you should think about ahead of time. Among the most important is locating or replacing and then securing important documents.  If this task is left to the last minute or until an emergency occurs, […]

Thinking Ahead for Seniors: Checklists and Guides

The holidays are now in full swing and all of us, including seniors and their loved ones, are busy. It may seem like the wrong time to think about matters like healthcare, planning for retirement or the transition to senior life. In fact, the holidays may provide some rare opportunities for families to discuss the […]