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These are the best diet options for people with type 2 diabetes

Losing weight and trying to maintain your blood sugar under control can seem unattainable. Though the journey is far from comfortable with a little grit and a positive attitude, you can achieve your weight loss goals. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, you do not have to give up your favorite foods […]

Tips for avoiding heat exhaustion and how to know if you have it

It’s summertime, so we all know what that means: extreme heat. While living in Florida has its perks like year-round warm weather and beautiful beaches, the downside is the high temperatures that come with it. Seeing 100+ degrees on our car dashboard is nothing unusual for us Floridians but even though we have lived through […]

What happens to your body when you stop moving?

| Contributed by Fitworks Perfect Posture | It may contribute to life-threatening conditions, contribute to chronic pain, increase the risk of osteoporosis, increase the risk of thrombophlebitis and compromise the immune system. Evidence shows that prolonged sitting is devastating to your health. It actively promotes dozens of chronic diseases, even if you’re very fit. Because […]

Feeling Lonely? Adopt a Pet!

There is no question that loneliness is one of the most common problems faced by seniors. It’s a serious problem too; loneliness can lead to increased stress, more frequent use of alcohol or tobacco and a number of medical problems. Unfortunately, the isolation made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic has made this problem all the […]

Perfect posture and its importance for proper body function

| Contributed by Fitworks Perfect Posture | What is the first thing you visualize when you hear the phrase “bad posture?”  I am sure we all see a body slumped forward with rounded shoulders and a huge hump in their upper back. What is happening to the organs inside that body we just visualized?  What […]

You should still be thinking about these deadly diseases

Seniors face a number of obvious health issues. Many of these, like digestive problems, joint pain, hearing and vision loss make themselves known every day, reminding us to see the appropriate medical professional. Other medical needs seem to hide themselves in the back of our minds until it may be too late. Immunization is one […]

Can we slow down cognitive decline?

Few things worry seniors more than the thought of “cognitive decline”—losing the ability to do mental tasks like remembering names or doing simple arithmetic. When a young person forgets where they put their keys or neglects to lock a door, we tend to think that they simply have too much on their mind. But for […]

Read this if you are concerned about falling

Many senior concerns are imaginary or exaggerated, but fear of falling is not. Falling injuries often begin a downward cycle of health and wellbeing that leads to many other problems, even death. Ironically, the fear of falling may become as damaging as falling itself; this fear can lead to unnecessary limitations on the very activities […]