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Seniors health and wellness focuses on the well-being and overall health of older adults. It encompasses various aspects such as physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Seniors health and wellness programs often include activities, services, and resources that promote healthy aging, address age-related challenges, and support seniors in maintaining a high quality of life. This can include exercise programs, health screenings, preventive care, mental health support, social engagement opportunities, nutrition guidance, and access to healthcare services tailored to the unique needs of older adults. The aim is to help seniors stay active, independent, and achieve optimal health throughout their aging journey.

How Do Seniors Pay For Dental?

How do seniors pay for dental care - Slider

Have you had trouble finding affordable dental care? Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover dental services like exams, cleanings, or dentures. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer limited dental benefits, but many seniors are totally without dental insurance, and the expenses can be very considerable! This situation is especially bad when a dental […]

An Awareness Day That You Might Not Be Familiar With

Celiac Disease Awareness

There is often attention that shines on things like heart disease, cancer awareness, and general wellness. There are, however, different diseases that often go overlooked because they are lesser known or simply not talked about. A perfect example is celiac disease. Today is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day and while this might be something that […]

Are You Caring for Aging Parents? Here’s What to Know

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Right now, there are more than 65 million people caring for older family members or elderly friends. That makes up about 29% of the population. This could account for anyone who is simply older in age, chronically ill, or even disabled. This shows that there is a good portion of the population taking care of […]

Seniors Don’t Know About Hydrotherapy? Here’s What You’re Missing Don’t Know About Hydrotherapy? Here’s What You’re Missing

When you hear hydrotherapy, you might immediately think about a modern-day spa. Hydrotherapy is actually an ancient practice known for its positive effects on the skin and the muscles but it was also used to assess the advantages it had on spiritual and mental health as well as physical health. As we age, our bodies […]