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Here is what you should know about the COVID-19 vaccine

senior taking vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccines (there are several types) are probably the most important senior-related topic of this new year. Illnesses caused by the coronavirus are especially dangerous for seniors, often resulting in more acute symptoms, longer recovery times and more frequent hospitalizations. Worst of all, the death rate increases sharply with age, particularly after 65. These […]

This is what you should know about emergency medical alert devices

medical alert device

Recently, published an article that reviewed several of the new, high-tech wearable devices that can monitor a senior’s vital signs. These devices can keep track of measurements like heart rate and blood pressure, respiration and even observe exercise and sleep patterns.  Emergency-use “Medical Alert” devices are a related topic, perhaps of greater interest. While […]

Are people not speaking clearly or is it me?

hard of hearing

Have you noticed how quickly people are speaking these days? Do their words seem more like gibberish than English? Have you had to ask them to repeat themselves not twice but three times? If so, as surprising as it may sound, you may be suffering from hearing loss. Hearing loss is a healthy and natural […]

Sitting too much is bad for you, this is how to fix it

senior relaxing

Since 2007, American adults have spent about seven hours a day sitting. Ever since the average amount of time devoted to a seat has increased by an hour. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four American adults sits for over eight hours a day! It was also discovered that 44% […]

These 6 nutrients will help boost your eye health

senior showing eyes and teeth

Imagine you’re driving and then suddenly everything goes dark. You slam on the breaks and raise your hands to your face. You see nothing. No shadows, no outlines, just nothing. Scary right? Losing your eyesight, whether gradually or suddenly, is terrifying. Your vision keeps your mind sharp, safe, and aware of your surroundings. Without your […]

These health tools can help monitor blood pressure, exercise


New technology comes out every year that make our lives easier, from new smartphone applications to kitchen tools and more. One that we think could greatly benefit seniors is a wearable monitor that checks heart rate, blood pressure, exercise, sleep and other health indicators.  These can help with reaching fitness goals faster and help stay […]

3 secrets for a brighter smile that you may not know

senior woman smiling

Ever look in the mirror and realize the shade of yellow in your smile? As the years pass, your teeth are prone to darken. It’s an unfortunate consequence of the hard work your body goes through protecting you daily. The dull in your smile is a visible sign of aging. No amount of makeup can […]

The major issue with meat you should know


Americans love red meat, and they also love quick bites like processed meats. According to a study done by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, processed meat accounts for 25% of all red meat and poultry eaten annually. Unfortunately, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies processed meat as a carcinogen. […]